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I feed no corn,Wheat, Soy, Grain limited or no grain kibble.

I recommend
Natural Balance
Wellness Core
Natures Variety

All these above have different protein sources to offer your Cocker

IF you can not locate any of these foods in a local pet store, there are a few good sites that sell them and deliver them to your door.
Pet food direct

I do not recommend any food that comes from Walmart, K-mart, or Target.

Great site to order antlers

Flea help

I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar daily, year round
Our Cocker's get 1 TBSP daily mixed in their food.

I also give Powdered Kelp and garlic powder (not salt) 5 days a week in their food as well.
8 oz kelp mixed with 4 oz garlic powder last a while.
each Cocker gets 1/4 tsp.
(always 2/1 mixture).
If your dog has anemia do NOT give Garlic to them.
I give Diatomaceous Earth and Ground Pumpkin seeds to prevent intestinal parasites.

I buy all of these items at our local health food store.

If I have to use a chemical flea treatment I only use Advantage.
My Cocker have a reaction to Frontline, and Fleas seem to be immune to it.

We treat our yard twice a year with 

Bayer Advanced 32 oz. Ready-To-Use Complete Insect Killer

we cover the yard once a year with Diatomaceous Earth.